Guide Reduce the Risk : How internet marketing tools can be used to build a small business marketing plan.

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Automation of repetitive marketing tasks and campaign tracking tools are really beneficial for the business to utilize. Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, etc. Internet marketing is really beneficial for the business to sell products and services overseas and in any targeted location. Internet marketing tools allow business owners to provide high values to customers. Marketing and advertising online are faster, cost-effective, engaging, required less staff to manage and track campaigns market reach.

And this is one of the greatest advantages of the Internet for business. The 2 nd big advantage of the internet for business is to conduct market research online. Market research is important before starting any business, launching an ad campaign, buying a new domain, writing a blog post and even posting content on social media sites. Internet helps to get consumer data, demand for particular product and services, user behaviors and tools to track and monitor website traffic in real-time.

Although there are offline methods to perform market research they are costly, time-consuming, the low quality required editing and tough to manage. But using the internet to perform market research is more beneficial. There are various research tools on the internet that help to collect customer data, competitive analysis, price setting, product development, fashion, trends, and analysis of market sizes in speed with high quality and accuracy.

There are also many freelancers that can help you to conduct market research on the internet and you can also hire market research companies, download market research software and you can do it on your own. Internet for business is really a profit-making tool. That is important to use according to customer behaviors on the internet. Using Productivity tools, business process automation tools, marketing automation and cloud computing technologies in business are the ways that improve productivity in the workplace by using the internet.

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The use of marketing automation platforms for business is another advantage that is currently in demand. Automation means internet application, the software is used to manage, run and grow the business.

You can automate all the repetitive tasks of your business. You can automate social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing, sales, customer management, employee management, and business inventory management works. Internet is running all the time.

10 Free Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

People are using the internet around the world according to their time. Now to take advantage of the internet you can create, market product and services on the internet 24 hours. I think you know why Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. This is not possible in an offline business. In offline business, customers come when you open the shutter of your shop. Yes, we all have office timings e.

But today, you can receive the order, you can market product, accept payment and services anytime, and anywhere in the world. Customer support is the most essential part of the business process. Using social media pages, chat plugin on a website is very beneficial and less costly to solve customer problems without the visiting physical location of the business.

They simply comment about the problem on your website and social media pages, and you have the option to provide a solution in real-time. If you want a designer, app developer then you can hire talent on the internet. Hiring remote staff is not only reducing cost but also it is a great option to access worldwide talent. Upwork, freelance is the top platform in which you can post job and projects. And the interested freelancer will send you the message that they are able to work for you remotely. So, using the internet for hiring people and companies on the internet is cost-effective and fast.

Employee training and development is very important to grow and run a business successfully. On the internet, there are various methods that your staff can access and they can improve their skill at their own pace. Skills and talent development on the internet is very easy. Online courses, YouTube, blog are various sources for employees to improve job skills. You can also find companies providing skills training and development programs for all kind of business organizations. Internet banking, payment wallets, mobile banking, POS machine and all kind of banking services enable business owners to speed the business transactions.

You can pay, transfer and receive money from customers. You can also pay employees digitally by using the internet. Such as using payment gateway on the website enable a user to order product and pay you from their home. The Internet allows business owners to increase employee engagement to achieve business and personal goals. Employee engagement tools such as Slack, Trello, Skype etc. An employee needs motivation and inspiration to do a certain task. When they see the other people of their company working online and are green in their chat room then they feel motivation and sense of duty to keep working.

Online employee engagement tool also helps them to show the report and progress at the end of the day. Project management tools, Email, social media, chat room, and scheduler etc. Any business owner needs a solution and details for a particular problem with facts and data. They existed but how to find? Then the Internet is the source to find the solution for a business problem. There are lots of information and knowledge for a small business owner on the internet.

Promotion: Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

Just search on Google and get solutions. They can also chat with an online business consultant by using video conferencing tools, Google Hangouts, etc. They can read their advice on blogs, report, and videos. And they can hire a business consultant if they are looking to find a solution quickly. It takes more min. But using the internet for marketing, sales and customer support can grow business in worldwide within years; it can be in 6 months.

What I think about the reason, why and how the internet speeds up business growth because of competition. In a market, if there are only 5 sellers for a particular service it means this is a small market because the demand is low in that city or state for a particular service. But on the internet, the whole world is searching daily on Google and Bing etc.

Digital Marketing Basics You Need to Promote Your Business Online

But there is a competition. Competition in business improves your knowledge, passion, and dedication. You can learn what your competitor is doing, where they are failing, what kind of customer they are losing and getting. This will improve your creativity. And you can create marketing and business system effectively. When to market?

2. Not knowing your value proposition

What are the past feedbacks and market response for a particular product and services? Using customer relationship tools helps to solve these problems, and it is the best way to manage a relationship with the customers. Because the customer is looking for a product and services in a particular time of the day, in particular, location and if the right person got your email, then they will definitely buy your product and services.

When you automate marketing, sales, customer support, and other daily business operations it is the system that allows you to attract the right customer, employee engagement and business growth. As described in 4 th point about marketing automation. Cloud storage is a part of cloud computing. In which business, marketing, customers, employees, and inventory data and information is managed and stored by cloud storage applications. Online data storage application allows you to manage, secure, share and access business data and information anywhere in the world from any device.

Google Drive: — It is a Cloud storage technology. You can use to store and share your data and information.

11 Steps to Create a Content Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

You can collaborate with your team members. How to get the best cloud storage for your business. The Internet provides various benefits for small business owners, home-based owners, and freelancer already. Another risk is going after customers that don't align best with the company's product or service strengths. Research is used to identify what customers want and to develop products that align with desired features and benefits. Research costs money.

Thus, investments that don't lead to useful data and results are wasteful. Additionally, companies need to use multiple types of research and multiple studies to ensure reliability in results. Investing in product developing or promotion based on singular sets of data may lead to additional waste and missed opportunities. Some of the most expensive marketing risks lie in the area of promotion. This is the use of paid advertising, unpaid public relations and selling to convey company and product benefits to targeted customers. Companies can err by developing messages that aren't making an impact.

They may also err by selecting the wrong media to reach the audience with the desired impact. Messages that make no impact are wasteful. Additionally, companies sometimes inadvertently use messages that offend targeted customers or the general public. Such mistakes can severely damage the company brand. Neil Kokemuller has been an active business, finance and education writer and content media website developer since He has been a college marketing professor since Kokemuller has additional professional experience in marketing, retail and small business.

Skip to main content. Pricing Pricing strategies fall under the marketing umbrella. Target Market A target market is the group of specific customers a company targets with products, services and promotional messaging.